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New Store Hours: Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
from 10 am to 6 pm


Starts Friday, JULY 29 thru AUGUST 21, 2016
We are joining all of Little Tokyo and Metro in promoting GO LITTLE TOKYO & NISEI WEEK…
Many of the restaurants and businesses as well as Rafu Bussan, Inc. are offering some type of special service or deal the first weekend of

Go Little Tokyo (July 29, 30,31), and in anticipation of Nisei Week, we are having a “Red Tag Sale Event”
with specials on almost everything you will need for your summer entertainment needs, sushi and sake parties, as well as getting
the jump on the fast approaching holiday gift-giving season!

If you need to display anything and keep the dust off your favorite collectible figurine or dolls, come and check out our selection of glass cases.
With a variety of sizes, you will not walk out of the store empty-handed.  Try to bring in your fine item so we can properly display it,
and think about where you will be displaying it, too.  It makes a big difference if you are going to be displaying it at above,
below or at eye level.  Measure the place you are going to set the case down on.

NISEI WEEK has already kicked off with the Queen’s Tea and Opening Ceremonies, and the Baby Show, but the main festivities revolves
around the weekends of August 13 – 21, TWO full weekends of things to look at, participate and enjoy here in Little Tokyo. 
Ikebana Show will be held at the JACCC August 13 and 14, so check it out, then come by with
your ideas and take advantage of our sale vases, kenzan needles and scissors.

During this event, we will be OPEN on SUNDAYS from 10 am – 6 pm.


Hours:  Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

There is history and tradition in the store itself. Rafu Bussan is a combination of the words "Rashogiri" an old name for Los Angeles, from which came "ra" and "fu" meaning prefecture. The word "bussan" means product. The store found its beginnings before World War II when Yuko Tanaka and Junichi Onishi founded Rafu Bussan in Gardena, California. During World War II, Mr. Tanaka was sent to an internment camp and after the war, they started the business up again delivering items such as rice, tea, rice bowls and chopsticks to the Japanese in Orange County and the South Bay communities. In 1958, the late Kiyoshi "Skip" Kawaratani and his wife purchased Mr. Onishi's share of the business and later, Mr. Tanaka's interest as well. Rafu Bussan continues to perpetuate Japanese housewares and gift items today.

We carry an extensive selection of:

Japanese China and Dinnerware
Flower Arrangement Vases and Accessories
Shigaraki Vases
Traditional Iron & Metal Ornaments and Pictures
Hakata Kokeshi, and Classical Japanese Dolls
Origami Papers and Books
Japanese Foods and Snacks

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