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Now that our days are longer and we have moved our clocks ahead one hour, it’s time to enjoy the longer days ahead! 
The blooming of the “sakura” (cherry blossom) trees announce that Spring is officially here!
Japanese Girls’ Day is celebrated on March the 3rd, and gifts of dolls, kimono, tea cakes and special candies are served. 
In April, we celebrate Hanamatsuri (Buddha’s birthday) and all of the beautiful Spring flowers are in bloom.

We have all kinds of items that have sakura on them such as lacquerware, dolls, tea sets and lots of origami. 
We also have books on origami for children, as well as for tea ceremony and flower arrangement.
We have chopsticks galore, and even training helpers for those that are “hashi challenged”. 
An ideal gift and keeping with the eco-idea of reusables, we have portable stainless steel chopsticks that collapse and go into a case or pouch.
We also have reusable natural wood chopsticks as well as the beautifully lacquered ones.

We have also in stock round, rectangular and oval serving trays. These make ideal housewarming and bridal shower gifts. 
There is nothing like Japanese lacquer, and the beautiful designs are so richly done that you may want to treat yourself to one as well. 
We also carry lacquer sushi oke with covers, miso soup bowls, small snack and hors d’oeuvre trays
and gorgeous clocks enhanced with beautiful Japanese designs.

In our kitchen ware section, we carry all manner of sushi and rice molds, Mac knives, rice paddles, soup spoons, tea strainers, vegetable cutters, and lots of bamboo picks. Can you tell that are hinting that you can use these next time you have a picnic or outing? 
We even have the sectional lunch boxes with removal inserts so that you can use them for many purposes. 
Many of our customers take them to the Hollywood Bowl!

Come by and visit us soon…Check out all of our new items!


Rafu Bussan, Inc.

There is history and tradition in the store itself. Rafu Bussan is a combination of the words "Rashogiri" an old name for Los Angeles, from which came "ra" and "fu" meaning prefecture. The word "bussan" means product. The store found its beginnings before World War II when Yuko Tanaka and Junichi Onishi founded Rafu Bussan in Gardena, California. During World War II, Mr. Tanaka was sent to an internment camp and after the war, they started the business up again delivering items such as rice, tea, rice bowls and chopsticks to the Japanese in Orange County and the South Bay communities. In 1958, Kiyoshi "Skip" Kawaratani and his wife purchased Mr. Onishi's share of the business and later, Mr. Tanaka's interest as well. Rafu Bussan continues to perpetuate Japanese housewares and gift items today.

We carry an extensive selection of:

Japanese China and Dinnerware
Flower Arrangement Vases and Accessories
Shigaraki Vases
Traditional Iron & Metal Ornaments and Pictures
Hakata Kokeshi, and Classical Japanese Dolls
Origami Papers and Books
Japanese Foods and Snacks

We have four seasonal sales a year. Don't forget to join our mailing list. Please feel free to call us for further information on our products and sale dates.


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